WOW Toys Special Day Countdown Calendar

WOW Toys Any Date Countdown Calendar

Product Features

  • Countdown to your special day with a new toy surprise each day
  • Place the figures in the teleporter slide and watch them whizz out the bottom
  • Personalise your calendar with your little one’s name, photograph and special date
  • Learn facial recognition with Bolts, Ugo and Sunny, the figure friends.
  • Place Ugo and Bolts in the UFO spinners and spin them around and around

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2 Responses to WOW Toys Special Day Countdown Calendar

  1. Aqua Marina says:

    Good quality toys hidden behind 10 little doors This is a good “gender neutral” toy that has space as its central theme, it is based on the Christmas advent calendar and has 10 doors to open to count down to a special day ( the day is not specified on this calendar, so it could be anything at all like a count down until Granny comes to visit or until a broken arm is taken out of plaster etc etc etc). The toys are1 x Girl Super Hero Figure,1 x Boy Super Hero Figure, 2 x Robot Figures,1 x Speedy Space…

  2. K. Wright says:

    Space themed countdown calendar This Wow Toys Countdown Calendar is a great idea to help your child understand time in relation to a special event. This calendar can be used to countdown to any event but there are others in the series which are more specific (birthday, holiday, first day at school). The countdown lasts for 10 days and there is a chunky plastic toy behind each door suitable for children 12 months+ and some of the toys fit together to increase play value. There is also a countdown activity sheet with a…