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3 Responses to WINNIE THE WITCH

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bought for 4 year old grandaughter to use on her Christmas CD player. The books, after so much Peppa Pig, are a bit more ‘grown up’ and fun for both of us, with illustrations prompting a lot of discussion as they are so detailed (in an interesting, good way). Each CD plays 3 stories and each story is played twice, firstly with good sound effects and secondly as a straight reading. The stories are short enough for this not to be a drawback for us. In fact, she loves listening to both versions…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lovely book of Winnie and Wilbur and introducing the characters.We discovered (after purchase) that this is the original book but just with a new cover and some really sweet stickers.Great if you are are just starting out – welcome to Winnie books they are Fab!Son now 7 but we still love the stores and have just bought some new ones.They are great for re-reading and the illustrations are so good that you keep spotting new details in the background.If you…