Twiddle Glow in The Dark Fidget Toy

Perfect Toy For Fidgety Hands! The Twiddle is perfect for restless hands, creative minds and stress relief! You can crunch it, snap it apart and back together, and create different shapes to decorate your space.

Product Features

  • Fidget, Crunch, Shape
  • 70 fun, interchangeable pieces that can be shaped, molded, torn apart or snapped together in endless ways
  • Great fiddle toy – everyone is going crazy over Twiddle
  • Unlimited fun

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One Response to Twiddle Glow in The Dark Fidget Toy

  1. Ted Nu says:

    Limited appeal I have to confess that when I first used this Twiddle toy come stress reliever I was in two minds about it. On the one hand I was impressed by the quality of the lime green plastic which has a nice feel to it. On the other hand I was not convinced by the playability of it. It consists of seventy small plastic links which can easily be clicked together to form a long chain. It reminded me slightly of a bicycle chain. The chain can be twisted into several different shapes and can then be…