Fidget Pad with 8-Fidget Functions 2nd Generation Fidget Toy Controller Stress Reducer Hand Shank Fidget Cube, Perfect for Release Stress and Anxiety, Stress Relief, ADHD, ADD, Autism

Description: The anxiety caused by stress has been one of the greatest threats to modern human health, whether in the office, school, or family life, when you feel anxious, nervous, stress, try this new type of Fidget Spinner, which can … Continue reading

Fidget Hand Shank Pad,CrazyFire 2nd Generation Fidget Cube Toy,Boredom Anxiety,Stress Relief, ADHD, ADD, Autism for Kids and Adults

Features: 1. Function: decompression, resistance to anxiety, irritability and other relief effect. Game joystick, completely game player level joystick, feeling play games when play with this fidget spinner. 2. ABS material surface rubber paint, feel first-class, this handle has nine … Continue reading