Something Special Mr Tumble Talking Soft Toy 24cm

Something Special fans will love the Mr Tumble Talking Soft Toy! Super-soft and cuddly, squeeze Mr Tumble to hear popular phrases from the show. This colourful soft toy will encourages imaginative play and help with your child’s sound recognition. Suitable for ages 10 Months +

Product Features

  • Mr Tumble is a popular character from the Flagship CBeebies show, Something Special
  • Includes popular phrases from the show
  • Encourage imaginative play and sound recognition
  • Soft and super huggable!
  • 25cm tall
  • Suitable for children aged 10 months and over

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3 Responses to Something Special Mr Tumble Talking Soft Toy 24cm

  1. Winter says:

    Mr Tumble I bought this Mr Tumble for my 2 year old son. This Mr Tumble measures 25cm long and will say one of 8 phrases/noises if you press his tummy. The voice of Mr Tumble is a little quiet but that is fine in my opinion as there is enough loud toys in our house. The one thing I noticed when I first bought this toy is that there is no way of replacing the batteries as there is no opening in Mr Tumbles body to access the battery compartment. This is not a bad toy but I think I will now purchase the…

  2. Mrs. J. M. Wickes says:

    Mr Tumble Talking Toy

  3. Caroline says:

    Brilliant toy.