Snazaroo Special FX Gel Blood, Light, 50 ml

Product Features

  • Good quality item
  • Good looking design. Good party accessory
  • Easy party planning solution
  • A better party planning solution for special events
  • Packaging may vary

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2 Responses to Snazaroo Special FX Gel Blood, Light, 50 ml

  1. Melanie Butler says:

    Good, but title of product is false Bottle looks different from picture, I also expected it to be darker considering it says so in the description. When put on skin it also looks very bright, I’ve yet to see what it’s like when dried, when rubbed in it does resemble ketchup so to make it more realistic looking I’d advise you to put on thick layers. I’m not very happy about the product title as it’s not correct on the tone of the blood but as for it being gel blood is very true. I would advise this product for children but not if…

  2. Hannah Walsh says:

    Its realistic looking and easy to smear but it is too runny and not …