Roller Hand Massage Toy,Mamum ONO Roller Nfinity Roll Turn Massage For Stress Relief Fidget Anti Anxiety Toy (Red)

♡: Relieve stress and anxiety,perfect for classwork and exams.
♡: Limit annoying habits.Biting/picking nails,bouncing leg,playing with hair,etc.
♡: So unbelievably satisfying, you just need to feel it for yourself.
♡: Meet the tool to effortlessly entertain your hand and focus your mind.
♡: The natural curling movement of your fingers makes this fidget device better than the rest.
♡: a professional tool that you could use to keep your hand busy without looking like you’re playing with a toy.
♡: The professional way to fidget. Unlike most stress relief tools, allows for a constant, discreet, and effortless motion.
♡: How it works:
♡: By curling your fingers or lightly squeezing your hand, it will rotate and roll within your fingers.
♡: Change direction by curling your fingers in reverse.
♡: It patent pending design engages your entire hand in a continuous, effortless motion.
♡: Specifications:
♡: Material:Aluminum
♡: Weight:6 oz
♡: Size:3.29″ x 1.75″ x 0.85″
♡: Package Content:
♡: 1X Cube Toys
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Product Features

  • ♡ Keeps your hands active
  • ♡Massage,release inner tension.
  • ♡Dexterity,finger+hand+forearm strength.
  • ♡Improve focus,concentrate while in the office.
  • ♡Just for fun,it is addicting,you will not want to put it down.

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