Quercetti Transparent Tubation Set

Tubation transparent. 04177

Product Features

  • Children have fun building intricate 3 dimensional structures
  • Made of safe unbreakable plastic
  • Interlocking the 4 different types of tubes in endless configurations
  • Easily create colourful mazes of tubes, water pipelines, modular space stations and scaffoldings
  • Recommended for 4 years age and above

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2 Responses to Quercetti Transparent Tubation Set

  1. Caregan says:

    Lovely construction set for all ages We love Quercetti toys in our house – so far we’ve always found them to be well made and engaging. The Tubation sets are some of our favourites. What we like about this building system is that it is so free-form and suitable for a wide age range. Our one year old daughter has been happily playing with these since she could sit up, and quickly progressed to being able to join pieces together and tooting on the Saxoflute Tubation set mouthpiece (I’d highly recommend that set as a starting point…

  2. Anonymous says: