Pencil topper for children, Yuccer 4 Pack Non-toxic Silicone Chewable Pencil Toppers Sensory Therapy Toys (Blue+Green+Red+Rose)

Do you have the following troubles:
1. The baby likes to bite things during the period of teething?
2. When a child writes, he likes to bite a pen?

Yuccer’s silicone pen cover helps you:
1. This silicone pencil topper does not contain BPA, non-toxic, odor-free and soft. It is the best choice for baby teether.
2. This chess pencil toppers can be placed on top of a pencil and is suitable for most pens to prevent children from directly biting on the pen.

Material: food grade silicone.
Colors: blue, green, red, rose.
Size: 3.15in*0.87in*0.87in.
Weight: 13g.
Function: Set on the pen, baby teether, autistic children’s toys and so on.

If you are not satisfied with our product quality, please contact our customer service, we will solve it for you as soon as possible.

Product Features

  • Non-toxic silicone: king pencil topper made of food-grade silicone without BPA, non-toxic, odor-free, baby care
  • Chess King Modeling: Children’s favorite chess shape attracts children’s attention, calms children and concentrates on learning
  • Protect children: The pencil topper can be placed on top of the pen. It applies to most pens to prevent children from biting, protect children’s health, and correct bad habits
  • Multi-functional: Set on top of the pen to prevent children from biting pens; baby teether toys; toys for children with autism and so on
  • Packaging: 2 pack blue and green pencil case; 2 pack red and rose pen holder; 4 pack blue, green, red and rose pen holder

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