SD Fidgets – Pack of 10 Fidget Toy || Premium Quality, Extra Strong Design || Mesh & Marble Play || Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Tension || Improve Concentration || Contains Various Colors!

Marble and Mesh Fidget Toy by SD Fidgets

For the Ultimate Relaxation from Anxiety and Fidgety Hands!

Moveable Marble Contained Within A Stitched Mesh!
Perfect For Fidgety Hands In ALL Situations!
The Ultimate Stress Reliever

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Acrylic Fidget Spinner – 78mm x 5mm Clear Red – 3x Steel / 1x Hybrid & Centre Nut

Our fidget spinners are laser cut from branded PerspexTM acrylic and fitted with degreased centre bearings, delivered fully assembled. 5mm thick acrylic spinners with 608 bearings – (22mm outer diameter / 7mm thickness / 8mm inner diameter)

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Fidget Toy from Arcade Toys! The coolest sensory and fumble toy on the market. Perfect for ADHD, anxiety, autism and stress. Bike chain office desk spinner gadget in black.

Fidget toy from Arcade Toys is the ultimate fidget gadget. Fidget toys are proven to help sufferers of ADHD, autism, anxiety and restless hand syndrome; or simply a cool fun play-thing to use! Perfect for idle hands sat at a desk … Continue reading

BESTOYARD Fiddle Toys Fidget Toys Sensory Toys Fidgets Stress Anxiety Relief Toys Helps with Autism ADHD OCD for Children and Adults 12pcs

Fidget toys can be a very effective and helpful self-regulation tool !

These colorful, classic, finger fidget toys make a fun handwriting warm-up tool and silent classroom fidget!

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Loud Talking UFO Novelty Alarm Clock LED Digital Temperature Time Reading Version for Elder and Heavy Sleeper (Blue )

LCD display time and temperature
Press the round head of the clock, the clock will announce time and current time and temperature,
simultaneously three blue hidden LED lamps will circulate glisten for 12 seconds
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Rose Bath Glows Set of 3. Water Activated Floating Bath Lights. Relaxing

They may look like candles but these Roses are actually water activated floating bath lights! These pretty flowers contain water activated LED lights, so when you float them in your bath, the roses light up and glow, changing between several colours. Put them … Continue reading

Pack of 2 Large Light Up Flashing Tambourines 4 Different Playing Modes by Playlearn

The Flashing Tambourines are powered by bright led’s which flash when switched on. A simple On/Off switch ensures the batteries don’t run out and can be used over and over again. Please note this item now flashes and not just light … Continue reading