Oknas Fidget Cube 2.0 – Dodecagon 12 Sided – Fidget Toy Relieves Stress and Anxiety for Children and Adults – Anxiety Attention – Click Toy (Black with Colors)

Can’t Kick A Bad Habit?

Is it soooo hard to stop:

• Smoking?
• Biting your fingernails?
• Drinking excessive amounts of coffee?
• Scratching yourself?
• Drinking alcohol?
• Obsessively checking your phone?

Not Anymore!

We all have bad habits that are ruining our lives, or put us in an awkward position.

Τhis intuitively designed fidget cube will provide you with the perfect replacement for what will be missing from your life.

You Can Now Fit 12 Fidgeting Experiences In Your Pocket

While there is much evidence to support that very little fidgeting is actually needed to use most fidget toys, our awesome cube has 12 different sides, each featuring something interesting to do!

Thanks to the super-compact and lightweight construction of our fidgeting hand toy, you can carry it and fidget using the gear, rotating disk, button, silicone ball, joystick, switch, click, finger massage, worry stone, sliding blocks and minions, anywhere!

This is the easiest way ever to relieve your anxiety, remove all stressing thoughts from your brain and kill your boredom when time’s running very slowly.

The Best Focus, Integration Sensory Toy Is Finally Here

What makes this hand toy so special is that it can truly give your hyperactive children something to do when their mind wanders, helping them to increase focus on tasks at school.

Our fidget cube promotes hand-eye coordination, eye tracking and finger control, as well as it stimulates investigation and curiosity. It makes the perfect gift for autistic, ADHD & ADD people.

Designed to fascinate people of all ages, this focus toy can become your best office companion and help you concentrate during important meetings or presentations.

Don’t Miss Out!

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Product Features

  • KILL YOUR BAD HABITS IN 12 WAYS: Are you biting your nails when stressed? Smoking excessively? Overeating compulsively? Clicking your pen at work? This twelve-sided hand toy has everything you need to keep your fidgety fingers occupied. Fidget using the gear, rotating disk, button, silicone ball, joystick, switch, click, finger massage, worry stone, sliding blocks, minions, and wave your anxiety and lack of focus goodbye!
  • IT FITS THE PALM OF YOUR HAND: This amazing fidget cube is lightweight, super compact and it can easily fit in your pocket. You can carry it with you wherever you go and rest assured that you can always find relief when anxiety strikes. Fidget secretly at work, without attracting curious glances from colleagues. Fidget silently at school, without distracting your classmates.
  • QUALITY IS OUR MIDDLE NAME: If you don’t want one of the cheaply-made, knock-off versions of fidget cubes flooding the market, look no further! At Oknas, we put so much effort to create quality hand toys that will last for a lifetime and we always make sure that each and every product is in perfect condition before delivery. Our fidget cubes are made of high-end ABS & PC plastic material and are carefully constructed to stay intact after years of use.
  • SPECIAL GIFT FOR SPECIAL PEOPLE: Looking for a useful and fun gift for a special person in your life? This fidget cube has all the qualities of a great sensory toy for autistic and ADHD children. It stimulates the senses, helps the development of motor skills, it’s made of high quality materials and it’s so much fun! Our fidgeting hand toy makes also the perfect gift for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, who show anxiety or agitation through fidgety hands.
  • YOUR PURCHASE IS 100% RISK-FREE: At Oknas, we’re dedicated to creating products that will last and improve the quality of your life. Try your fidget cube for 30 days and if you’re not flabbergasted by its performance and its effects on you, we’ll buy it back from you at full price. We also offer an exclusive 2-year guarantee for your peace of mind! You’ve absolutely nothing to lose!

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