Moody Squeeze Face

5cm x 5cm in Size. Sold Single. Sold in Assorted Colours.

This Moody Squeeze face would be great to fill treat bags and pinata. Contort it to all kinds of funny shapes. Perfect to entertain kids for hours. Type `favours` in our search bar for more favours and favour holders.

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3 Responses to Moody Squeeze Face

  1. MrsJ Brook says:

    Not recommeded bought for my son, exploded in his …

  2. shelley says:

    Outraged! Rubbish. Do not buy. This is not just 1 large one as in description it is 10 tiny ones that firstly my 14 yr old sister burst all over herself and my sofa and then closely followed by my children. There were 10 altogether but after the 4th burst I confiscated the remaining 6 and binned them immediately. The material is a thin, flimsy material, I think made from a balloon. And God knows what’s in them but I’m hoping IT was either flour or talcum powder for kids sake. Tried to contact them to ask…

  3. kappa says:

    What a disaster!!! Brought these for the children on the school bus to keep them amused on the hour long ride .well what a disaster, after ten minuets one poped !!OMG the children were covered in white powder and I mean covered, you could not see there faces and it even covered two of the children behind!!!! What a mess from such a small toy.we had to pull over and clean the children up, thank goodness we had baby wipes on board , took two of us and the driver to clean it all up . Please don’t give…