Main Sauce Production Underwater Disco Light Show

Product Features

  • 4 different coloured lights
  • 5 different light shows
  • Waterproof
  • A disco ball that floats
  • No assembly required

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3 Responses to Main Sauce Production Underwater Disco Light Show

  1. Emma Gonzalez says:

    Quickly stops working and paying for returns hikes price I bought one of these for Christmas 2012 after seeing it in a Telegraph gift suggestions article. When working its great, the problem was that it quickly stopped working and didn’t appear to be watertight – worrying for something designed to be used in the bath. I contacted the seller and arranged a replacement, paying several pounds to send it back. The replacement promptly arrived…and then aftera few uses stopped working. I haven’t bothered to send it back – the postage to do so yet…

  2. toni collins says:

    didnt work for more then 2 mins

  3. Kirsty d McCarthy says: