Lustrumlight Lightstax Starter, Set 36

Light Stax is a new award winning toy startup that launched in 2014 in Europe and the USA. Light Stax are beautifully illuminated construction blocks that use LED technology, but are still 100% compatible with existing traditional building blocks. Using our patented system, each Stax will magically light up as it is connected to a power base or any lit Stax. No special connectors or wires are needed. Just stack them and they light up!

Product Features

  • Awarded Top Ten Best Toys NY 2014 Toy Fair
  • 36 Led Light Bricks 6 different Colours
  • Smart Base 4 Functions
  • USB-Cable included
  • 3 X AAA Batteries included

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2 Responses to Lustrumlight Lightstax Starter, Set 36

  1. YA says:

    Great item – lots of fun Bought as a birthday present. I bought it as a novelty item for an 8 year old’s bedroom but I personally think it would serve adequately as a nightlight also. I know other reviewers have said that it’s not bright enough but I think it’s too bright and my kids can only sleep in the dark anyway! One feature that is really useful for us is the 15 minute timeout which works in flashing and fading modes. This means my son can have the light on when he goes to bed but it will go off so he can get…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    My disabled brother in law David has always enjoyed playing with building bricks