Lewo Double Sided Easel Magnetic Puzzles Drawing Board Games Writing Kit for Boys Girls

Wonderful Educational Toys
The magnetic pieces have the variety of ways to be used make this an appropriate toy for even special needs early childhood. The range of learning skills encompasses logic, art, math, problem-solving, and creativity, while being just plain fun!
Easy Storage Drawing Board Games
The storage is handy and makes it easy to pack and unpack the magnetic puzzles and board. Mom enjoys the easy pack up and storage
Play Puzzle Games
For beginners, kids place the different shapes on the board where the imprint of the shape is. As they get better, they can create their own pictures using the various shapes. It’s magnetic so it all stays in place. Great for the car.

Product Features

  • 2 in 1 easel, one side is dry erase board, and another side is blackboard, Please Note the Size: 30*23.5*4 cm
  • Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle: Including Flower, Car, Football, Insect, Clothing and Accessories etc. Keep kids hands busy, ideal for car rides and travel
  • Good Magnetic Board Games: can be used over and over again, children can design different picture with the assorted magnetic pieces
  • Package included: Assorted Magnetic Puzzles + Storage Box + Manual + Drawing Board + Chalk + Board Pen + Eraser, Foldable Convenience for storage
  • An excellent tool for building an understanding of colour, shapes and patterns, a great toy for fine motor skill development, NOTE: a protective film covers on the white board, please remove it before the kids play this toy. It conforms to EN71 and CPSA Standard and tested by International Accredited Labs.

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3 Responses to Lewo Double Sided Easel Magnetic Puzzles Drawing Board Games Writing Kit for Boys Girls

  1. Charlotte Ring says:

    Nice product but worried about the wood I was really looking forward to getting this item as I know my 3 year old will love it and it’ll be great on long car journeys. I did a look of research and finally decided on this and I am mostly pleased with it. There is chalk and a pen and the pieces look nice good quality. My only disappointment is the quality of the wood. It feels like you’d get splinters from it and one of the corners isn’t made that well. I haven’t let me daughter play with it yet as it’ss a present for later on this…

  2. GeekDad says:

    So cute…! It’s such a simple product yet so creative!My daughter is only 8 months but we’ve been getting her stuff that are for elder kids as we’re trying to get her to be a cautious little one – and it seems to be working. The product is actually suitable for 3+ years, but obviously we were messing with this toy with my daughter together and didn’t move my eyes away from her for a split second as there are REALLY small parts which means – as babies tend to do – it ends up in there…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Three Stars