Learning Resources Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock

Keep students on track with programmable electronic timer. Set green, red and yellow lighted sections and six sounds to indicate time remaining. LCD and volume controls.

Product Features

  • Lights and sounds enable children to visualise how much time remains
  • Time up to 72 hours in one second increments
  • 180° is perfect for front of class use
  • Measure 22.5cm H
  • Requires 4 AA batteries, not included

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2 Responses to Learning Resources Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock

  1. H. Smith says:

    Great for kids who can’t keep track of time My son aged 9 has Aspergers and finds timing difficult. We tried egg-timers but he forgets to look at them or doesn’t notice when they’ve run out. The local Autism group suggested the Time Tracker. All I can say is Wow!! This has exceeded all my expectations. It’s really helped him with so many things. EG If he’s playing his DS before school, he knows he has to save the game once its gone yellow, but can keep playing till the light changes to red, then has to get his shoes on before the buzzer…

  2. Mrs. Emma J. Emery says: