Infinity Cube Fidget Toy w/Gift Box – OCTOCUBE Luxury Infinite Cube | Cool Gadget for Kids, Adults – Prime Stress Relief, Pressure Reduction, Unique distraction for ADD, ADHD, Autism, Quit Smoking, Nail Biting – Green


① ✓ clever gadget for stress relief and anxiety reduction
② ✓ discreet usage at the library, in school, when traveling or at the office
③ ✓ beneficial for finger rehabilitation, enhances finger control
④ ✓ helps to focus when extra attention is needed
⑤ ✓ simple, fun and easy to use with one or two hands
⑤ ✓ smooth edges – luxury solid feel
⑥ ✓ OCTOCUBE™ never gets stuck in position while in use.

① ✓ infinite fidget action
② ✓ unique colors: black, white gold and green
③ ✓ distraction when quitting smoking and other bad habits ④ ✓ superior durable quality
⑤ ✓ small portable and light- weight
⑥ ✓ helps kill time
⑦ ✓ perfect EDC gift idea

▶ Brand: OCTOCUBE™
▶ Square Cube Size: 1.37 x 1.37 x 1.37 inch
▶ Rectangular Form: 2.79 x 1.45 x 0.66 inch
▶ Box Size: 4.44 x 2.83 x 0.98 inch
▶ Item Weight incl Box: 0.2 lbs

▶ Materials: recyclable environmental ABS and stainless steel durable hinges

Package Includes: ▶ 1 OCTOCUBETM
▶ 1 Gift Box

How many OCTOCUBE loops can you can do in one minute? Our Office-Hero managed 36 in a row. Can you beat him!?

Order your awesome OCTOCUBE Today!

Product Features

  • ✅ ORIGINAL OCTOCUBE ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ▶ When buying OCTOCUBE you are guaranteed the original product owned and manufactured by us at Store Builder LLC ▶ Our cubes are laser engraved with the authentic brand logo ▶ For whatever reason you are not satisfied, we offer you a full 100% Money Back Guarantee along with the 2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee ★ Always expect a personal and friendly 24/7 customer service
  • ✅ ONE CUBE TO RULE THEM ALL ▶ OCTOCUBE is the ultimate fidget cube for kids, teens, happy small children or adult fidgeters. Silent one-handed fidgeting at work, long car travels, commuting, kill time, office desk toy, during phone calls and studying at the school library. Portable handheld mini-sized everyday carry pocket game. Perfect gift idea for boys, girls, men or women ▶ Superior fidgeting alternative to a fidget spinner ▶ Prime speed cube with a cool unique and flexible ergonomic design
  • ✅ IMPROVE FOCUS AND FINGER SKILLS ▶ Loop, flip and fold OCTOCUBE into multiple shapes like a Boss. Relax with the endless busy twisting and rotating motion. Enjoy the touch of extra smooth surface and the rounded corners ▶ Practice finger dexterity coordination and finger motion skills while brainstorming ▶ Great anti-anxiety and stress reliever tactile toy for all ages that works ▶ Great distraction for attention disorders, when trying quit smoking, leg shaking, cracking knuckles nail biting
  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY ★ SAFETY CERTIFICATES ▶ Designed with eight (8) perfectly weighted solid (not hollow) plastic blocks linked together by durable steel bearings ▶ Strong high-quality metal hinges connect these and won’t get stuck in play or break as poorly made cubes can, causing danger for kids and pets ▶ Using only recyclable non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, OCTOCUBE exceed ASTM F963-16 Standard Consumer Top Safety Specification for Toys, including CE-certificate with no remarks
  • ✅ WARNING ★ SAFETY FIRST ▶ Not for children between 3-5 years without parental supervision as these units are compiled of several small linked block objects ▶ Keep away from pets and animals at all times ▶ All fake replicas of the original OCTOCUBE is a potential danger and need to be reported for further investigation ▶ We wish you a fantastic time as you get to know OCTOCUBE as your awesome new fidget buddy!

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3 Responses to Infinity Cube Fidget Toy w/Gift Box – OCTOCUBE Luxury Infinite Cube | Cool Gadget for Kids, Adults – Prime Stress Relief, Pressure Reduction, Unique distraction for ADD, ADHD, Autism, Quit Smoking, Nail Biting – Green

  1. Nave says:

    Perfect for my autistic partner! This was bought as a Christmas pressent for my Autistic partner. He has many stim toys. All which he loves. It arrives in a lovley little presentation box which is great because my partner likes to take various items when he travels so being in a box means it’s less likely to become lost or damaged. I like to personally test things and this is very satisfying. The size is just right and the movement is free flowing. It also makes very satisfying ‘clink’ sounds when changing the cubes position…

  2. Lee Ellmer says:

    Amazing product and service