Hand Fidget Spinner,Omiky® EDC Tri Dart Fidget Spinner Colorful Gradient Ramp Finger Groy Toy for SBDX ADD ADHD Anxiety Autism Suffers (Camouflage)

ღ ღ Steel bearing and Steel counterweight bearing,high-density Gold-plated frame

ღ ღ Complimentary cap cover,control costs while maintaining the alloy gyro of playability and speed

ღ ღ Diameter:2.76inches(7CM),Thickness:0.3inches(0.8CM)

ღ ღ Material:Aluminium alloy frame

ღ ღ How to play:

ღ ღHold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly, using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice

ღ ღ Package:1PC Spinner,Free delivered and despatch within 24Hours,usually takes about 20days to arrive

Product Features

  • ❉ Flick And Spin For Hours With Just One Or Both Hands,The more you spin or Spin the toy, the longer it will last. Cleaning the bearings will dramatically increase spin times
  • ❉ SLA technology,laser industrial molding technology,resin materials,accompany you year by year
  • ❉ EDC Toy Perfect for ADD ADHD Anxiety Autism Adult Children Kids and so on which help release stress decompression focus quitting bad habits staying awake deep thought killing time have fun
  • ❉ Office Desk Gadget are easy to carry, small, simple and discrete.It feels nice in the hands and it is almost silent so you won’t be bothering anybody in anywhere you play
  • ❉ Latest low-friction technology to ensure longevity and smooth rotation

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