Halilit Giant Rainbomaker Musical Instrument

The original Rainbomaker, full of sensory delight with wonderful sounds and visual effects. Perfect for babies and young children from 12 months upwards. Features a prism-effect cylinder. Approx. 40cm.

Product Features

  • A real musical instrument measuring 40cm in length.
  • Recreates the soft sound of falling rain.
  • Colourful beads cascade through the tube, creating fascinating sounds and visual effects.
  • Strong, durable and comfortable to hold.
  • Suitable from 12 months.

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3 Responses to Halilit Giant Rainbomaker Musical Instrument

  1. K, B & C says:

    I love it! If only baby had a chance to play…

  2. S G. says:

    Great Rainbomaker I had been looking for a rainmaker since my little one was small, and didnt manage to find one until this Christmas. I love it, and my daughter loves the noise and colours and watching the balls go down and down and down… This might have been more of a hit with her had I managed to get it for her 1st Christmas, rather than her 2nd, but it is a very useful addition to our musical instruments!It is a beautiful and well constructed toy, and I would recommend it to anyone whose…