Halilit Baby Tambourine Musical Instrument (Colours Vary)

Sold individually. This quality tambourine features a new attractive and safe design with light and durable construction. The 4 pairs of jingles create an excellent sound! Colors will vary. Due to ongoing product color changes, we can not guarantee exactly which colors will be shipped and may be different than colors pictured.

Product Features

  • A specially designed, baby-safe tambourine.
  • Musical jingles are safely tucked away under a clear protective cover.
  • Beautiful, clear sound.
  • Brightly coloured with a textured handle for an easy grip.
  • Suitable from 12 months.

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3 Responses to Halilit Baby Tambourine Musical Instrument (Colours Vary)

  1. Natalie Gibbons says:

    A nice durable tambourine My 9 month old son started to show an interest in musical instruments, so I searched for a tambourine that would be suitable for his age group. This product is designed for 12 months+ but was okay for my son. The bells are contained within a plastic casing so there is no danger of him cutting his gums on them (as everything at this age must be gummed first!). It is a little heavy for a young baby and he couldn’t lift it up to shake until about 11 months, but he used to like banging it on the…

  2. Kathleen says:

    Excellent Quality Please see my review on Halilit Toddler Music Orchestra Musical Instrument Gift Set for general review of this product. I have dropped a star for this instrument as it is quite large by comparison with the other instruments in the Gift Set. It is intended for the same age group but in my view should perhaps have been a little smaller. It does not enjoy quite the same appeal to our 10 month old granddaughter as the Gift Set instruments do. I would say it would be better for a slightly older…