Gift House Int Digital UK Coin Counting Money Jar

This ingenious device electronically counts your coins as you save! The quality LCD displays a running total of all the coins you deposit. A great place for all that loose change or to save for something special. This electronic money box is a child’s dream come true. And especially in the current economic climate, it works equally well for adults. Encouraging saving and simultaneously registering the number of coins inserted into the box, it has a spectacularly luminescent and spacey feel for a very worthy and down-to-earth application. The product features a reset button and requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Manufactured to a very high standard, the Counting Money Jar is strong and resilient. The money in the above picture is not included! Nobody will dare to “borrow” from your jar!

Product Features

  • LCD displays running total of all the coins you deposit
  • Counts all Sterling coins
  • Reset button
  • Measures 17 x 12cm
  • Requires two AA Batteries (not included)

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3 Responses to Gift House Int Digital UK Coin Counting Money Jar

  1. 3point14 says:

    For something which is supposed to be accurate, it fails miserably The design is the problem but you don’t want to pay 10 times this for a real working one, so either you buy nothing or you accept this as a quasi novelty.The count is performed by means of how far two contact points are moved when a coin is depressed. A penny has a smaller diameter than a £2 coin for instance. However, if you hesitate (and sometimes if you do not), it registers a coin other then the one you are using before you finish pushing it through the slot. It is a cheap and…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    I wouldn’t recommend this product

  3. shader18 says: