Galt Toys Animal Soundtracks

The animal noises game that’s really wild.
Ages 4-8 for 1-4 players

Product Features

  • 30 Animals are brought to life using dtunning photography and real sounds
  • Match the animal recordings to the photographs on the game boards

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3 Responses to Galt Toys Animal Soundtracks

  1. Mrs. Julia Dowling says:

    The best game ever

  2. Barbara N. Dahl says:

    ok, but a little disappointed I think the idea for the game is excellent. Not sure how it could be made better. The kids seemed to get bored with it fairly easily. Seems like we just listened to the same animal sounds repeatedly. There are 90 tracks – you are supposed to pick a number between 1 – 60 but there are actually only 30 animal sounds. The game went fairly quickly though, so it’s good for little kids. The animals sounds were fun and they did have fun trying to guess what they were. It just seemed like 1 game…

  3. Ems SJ says:

    My boys love it!