Flow Rings BOLION Stainless Steel Rings Multi Sensory Interactive 3D Shaped Flow Ring Kinetic Sculpture Interactive Spring Toy

Material :stainless steel
1.Ship your hand through the flat flow rings ,let it open and flow along your arm,transfer it to your other arm,or pass to a friend.
2.Lay flow rings flat,tap it,it springs open like magic.
3.Spiral flow rings down a broomstick or extension cord,it looks like a floating metallic soap bubble.
4.The flow rings is highly portable for fun on the go.

Place your palms on the top and the bottom of the flow rings.Twist while pushing gently together,the flow rings will spiral down into its flat position,it only twists in one direction do not force.

Item contains a functionat sharp edge,not suitable for children under 8 years.Risk of eye injury.Wear proper eye protection.Adult supervision required.

Product Features

  • Interactive and three-dimensional performance:Rolls along your arms and can be passed from one arm to another,also can pass to a friend,give us stereoscopic sensation.
  • Good for stress relief:It is a genuine mesmerizing toy,which can activate your creative side and reduce stress when you feel so stressed,so that make you feel relaxed.
  • Made of a single continuous strand of stainless steel, coiled up as many rings.
  • Multiple Uses: Enjoy the visually calming, soothing feeling of the interactive spring as a fidget toy or teach science and math concepts with the visual teaching tool.
  • Folds Flat: The compact 3D sculpture easily folds flat and pops open into the ring orb shape.

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