Flow Ring, APzek Original Kinetic Spring Toy 3D Sculpture Ring Stainless Steel Rings Fidget Toys for Kids Adult

Product Descriptions:
➢ Kinetic spring toy, fun for everyone.
➢ This exciting toy pops up from flat.
➢ Great to observe interlocking strands of metal in motion.
➢ This is very fun for kids to learn about springs, physics, energy and more.
➢ Made of a single strand of spring.
➢ Activating your creative side while reducing your stress.
➢ High quality, direct from the manufacturer.

➢ Material: Stainless steel
➢ Size: 5.2 inch diameter (13 cm)
➢ Weight: 4 ounces (115 g)
➢ Color: silver

Package Include:
✔ 1 x Pack Flow Ring (silver)

Way To Use:
➢ Ship your hand through the flat flow rings ,let it open and flow along your arm,transfer it to your other arm,or pass to a friend.
➢ Lay flow rings flat, tap it, it springs open like magic.
➢ Spiral flow rings down a broomstick or extension cord, it looks like a floating metallic soap bubble.

Warm tips:
➢ Not suitable for children under 5 year.
➢ Adult supervision required.

☻Take Action And Get A Flow Ring Kinetic 3D Spring Toy Sculpture Ring Game Toy For Your Kids Boys And Girl! Enjoy Fun! ☻

Product Features

  • √GREAT FUN – The gravity rings toy is a bunch of circular strands connected together to form a sphere like structure. When you flatten the strands, you can put your arm through the resulting loop. The 3D spring toy that drives the world crazy. Simple and sophisticated, fun and interactive toy, fits both kids and adult, that will occupy you for hours.
  • √BACK TO YOUR CHILDHOOD – You don’t want to be addicted to video or cell phone games which harm your eyesight and isolate yourself, developing your brain by playing physical toys is more helpful. Our kinetic spring flow ring will hypnotize you to its beauty. Watching your kid play our toy has never been so pleasant.
  • √RELAXING TOY – You can take a moment from your busy day and release the pressure the holds you tight. Let the flow of the ring carry you away and stop thinking about your daily issues for a while. We are happy this toy is helping thousands around the world.
  • √BENEFIT – Get some exercise too while playing with this interactive, tactile, decorative, fun, flow ring kinetic spring toy. Also great educational toy / gift for math and science lovers. Our toy can be used in many ways, use your imagination!
  • √BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – We believe everyone will love this toy. If you are not satisfied, please contact us for a hassle free refund or a new replacement, buy it with confidence and share happiness with your friends!

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