Filo Design with Laces

Quercetti Filo Lacing Set [Toy]

Product Features

  • Create great threading works of art
  • Comes with stencils
  • Great colours and samples
  • Simple handling

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3 Responses to Filo Design with Laces

  1. I. Walsh says:

    Excellent fun and educatioal toy.

  2. Mom&OT says:

    Great for a variety of reasons I am a children’s occupational therapist and have bought this product to use in therapy. It is versatile in promoting pencil grip, hand strength, bilateral hand work, hand-eye coordination, concentration, planning and sequencing. The amount of help I give a child will depend on my goals in therapy – so I either help a lot, or very little. I think it’s a product that can grow with a child.The only thing to watch out for is when you ‘remove’ the laces you need to do it carefully as…