Fidget Toy from Arcade Toys! The coolest sensory and fumble toy on the market. Perfect for ADHD, anxiety, autism and stress. Bike chain office desk spinner gadget in black.

Fidget toy from Arcade Toys is the ultimate fidget gadget. Fidget toys are proven to help sufferers of ADHD, autism, anxiety and restless hand syndrome; or simply a cool fun play-thing to use! Perfect for idle hands sat at a desk at work, at school or during meetings. You really wont find a cooler fidget toy! Our fidget toys feature silicone rings for additional sensory stimulation, alongside making the toy more enjoyable to play with, and it’s softer on the hands. We decided to make the toy a cool antique black, which we think looks super cool. Perfect for EDC / Every Day Carry. Just throw it in your pocket and take it everywhere you go.

Product Features

  • Great gadget for mental stimulation.
  • Antique black finish – ages great with time.
  • Black silicone rings provide additional sensory stimulation.
  • Perfect for kids and adults that suffer from anxiety.
  • Lifetime Warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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