ESELLERS Magic Flow Rings Arm Slinky Magic Infinity Spring Fidget Toy Gift Gadget 3-D Kinetic Sculpture and Interactive Spring Toy (Rainbow)


HAVE FUN AND AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS AT THE SAME TIME with this kinetic amazing 3D sculpture metal arm spinner toy with flow rings that works on the principles of science, galactic globe vertical vortex flowrings. The best in fidget toys, sensory toys, interactive toys this educational toys will show off your skills and talent as it magically and effortlessly rolls down your arm, or any object, or stick. Challenge yourself to slide it down one arm and skillfully pass it on the other arm.

FASCINATE YOUR AUDIENCE AND CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS.PLAY SOLO OR WITH A FRIEND. The metal flow ring arm slinkey toy is easy to use. Place the spring spinner ring kinetic toy on your arm and watch the flow rings come to life in a galactic vertical vortex and effortlessly roll down your arm. Made from a single strand of metal the flow toy rings form a geometric “bubble” that is fun to hold, roll and fold for hours of fun, entertainment and excitement to kids, children, adults, and everyone.

EXERCISE WHILE PLAYING AND HAVE FUN. USE AS ANXIETY RELIEF TOY, OR AS A STRESS RELIEF TOY. Get some exercise too while playing with this interactive, tactile, decorative, fun, flow ring kinetic spring toy, energy bracelet, slinkee flo rings flowtoys that is. Use as an home, or office desk stress toy, to have fun, or just to fidget, relax and get relief from daily life stresses and anxieties. Let your kids have fun, excitement and play with it while exercsing at the same time.

ALTERNATIVE TO FIDGET TOYS WILL HELP FOR AUTISM, ADHD, ADD is perfect for adults, children, kids and others to help with autism, adhd, add and more. The spinner flow ring kinetic toy, is an alternative to fidget toys for sensory kids, as a great toy for fidgeters reduce anxiety, helps in focusing and stay more focused by enhancing our focus, aid in ADHD, ADD, Autism, and helps in quitting bad habits and more.

Recommended Age 6+.

Product Features

  • INSTANT SMILES – Mesmerizing Interactive Spring – Amaze your friends as it spirals down your arms like a magic bubble. FEELS AMAZING!
  • FUN & EASY – Dance Solo or Pass it around. Climbs down ropes & sticks! Cosmic spheres that make a gyroscopic tornado as they flow. Magical Physics For Boys, Girls, Adults & Children.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – Premium Production you can trust – Woven from a single strand of dynamic steel – IMPOSSIBLE TO TANGLE.
  • HEALTHY MOVEMENT- Improves co-ordination. CALMING and HIGHLY TACTILE – Tickles skin. Great for Fitness / Autism / Autistic / Fidget / Down Syndrome / ADHD Child, Teen or Adult (any age)
  • Recommended Age 6+

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