Edushape Fish ‘n’ Fun Bath Game

Winner of Dr Toy, best vacation product award;Wet and stick fish can float in the water, be caught on the poll and stuck to any smooth surface;Great for hand eye coordination

Product Features

  • Wet and Stick fishing game creates fun at bath time
  • Comes with 4 rods and foam sea creatures
  • Excellent for hand-eye co-ordination
  • 56 pieces in a set
  • Suitable from 3 years

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3 Responses to Edushape Fish ‘n’ Fun Bath Game

  1. LR says:

    Great buy This has been a big hit with my 2½ year old. She had a foam dress-up doll previously which she rarely played with. With this toy, she played constantly from start to end of bathtime and wanted another bath this morning to play it some more. The fish are foam, as is the disc at the end of the fishing rod. They are supposed to stick together in the water, although they need to be soaking in the bath for a bit before this happens effectively. (My daughter was happy to stick them together by…

  2. Pazzie says:

    Contents missing

  3. Kittykat says:

    Bath time is so fun I love it more than the kids! Don’t get me wrong the kids love it too (5 and 2). It’s a great game for bath time who can catch the most fish. I agree the fish do need to be wet but they still stick, only thing to mention is that they work a lot better with no bubble bath.Not just a great fishing game but we have lots of fun sticking them on the bath hanging over the top then flicking them off, we also stick them all over the kids body they are a lot of fun.My oldest daughter likes…