Decompression Toys, ✰ Xinantime 9CM Soft Cartoon Whale Squishy Slow Rising Squeeze Toy Phone Straps Kids Toy Gift For Kids Adults Squeeze Toy Stress Reliever (9*8 cm, Pink)

❤️ Material:Elastic Environmentally PU

❤️ Applicable age:more than 6 years old

❤️ Keep your hands from the phone, away from the radiation, protect your eyes from the screen

❤️ It’s a great gift for a gift to a friend who are anxiety or can’t control his fingers

❤️ Squeeze it when you feel bored or in bad mood. It can relieve your stress in the meantime

❤️ Function: relax your body and release mood , make you focus on your work

❤️ Multifunction:can be used as a toy , the samples for display , in the bars and fruit shops as an ornament

❤️ Super fun to squeeze these squishies . Good gift for your children,friends and families!The slow rising cream to attract the child’s eye

❤️ Don’t tear and wrench the toys; It’s made of soft durable materials that you can squeeze them very well

❤️ Super cute, so squishy and slow rise! It is super funny

❤️ As a gift for your children, they will love it, don’t let your children put these into their mouth

❤️ Style: sqishys toys, squishy, very slow rising

❤️ These squishy toys are intimate birthday presents, graduation gifts, prizes, mobile phone straps and home decorations. When the children see these cute toys, they will be very happy

❤️ We offer attentive service for every customer ,if you have questions ,please kindly let us know and we promise to do our best to help you to solve it within 24 hours

Product Features

  • ❤️ Size:9*8 cm(height*diameter) —— ❤️ Pattern: Whale —— ❤️ Squishy:slow rising
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