Crayola White Chalk – 12 Stick Pack

Quality low-dust chalk writes smoothly on most chalkboards. Make clear, smooth lines with this chalk and then erase easily. Special anti-dust feature means no dust or chalk left on your hands or clothes. Chalk is certified AP nontoxic.

Product Features

  • White chalk
  • 12 pack

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2 Responses to Crayola White Chalk – 12 Stick Pack

  1. A. Calver says:

    Perfect for keeping tabs of your score on your dart …

  2. Mr O. says:

    NOT VERY IMPRESSED… I don’t get all those reviews about dust… chalk may get your fingers white… so wipe them after use…?Simple answer to me… to a zero problem…Because these chalks are just terrible… they are so waxed up or whatever they are made of to make them compact and may be unbreakable, but they do not write like normal chalk. It is a very faded white that you can barely see. Scratches my blackboard and marks are noticeable even after wiping. SO NOT VERY IMPRESSED…