Chewbuddy Autism Chew Toy Blue

We wanted to create a chewy product for kids that was also fun to fidget with and came up with the chewbuddy in the shape of a stick man! Safety Lanyard included. The round “head” gives a bi-lateral biting surface with ridges for additional interest, the “legs” have raised dimples for sensory feedback. In addition to having great bite resistance the chewbuddy can be stretched and bent making a great tactile fidget toy. Not recommend for Aggressive chewers. Made in the UK. Formulated from FDA food contact raw materials. Colourants FDA approved. Class 1 Device as regulated by the Medicines and healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) CE approved Chewbuddy is a registered trademark

Product Features

  • Chewy toy for babies & special needs
  • CE tested and registered as a Class 1 Medical Device
  • Makes a great tactile fidget toy
  • Latex free and FDA approved
  • Made in the UK

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