BiC KiDS Visa Couleur XL ‘Special for School’ Class Pack (96 Pieces)

Easy to hold and ideal for children aged 3 and over. Can be left uncapped for at least 2 months (excludes black). Water based ink is washable on most fabrics. Nib has excellent resistance to being pushed in. Nib size 4.5mm. Ventilated cap.. This bumper pack of Bic Kids Visa XL Felt Pens (887839) features a chunky grip great for children 3 and up. These pens are carefully designed with children in mind for safe and clean use. Stained clothes aren’t a problem: the water-based ink can be washed out of most fabrics. The nib won’t dry out, even if the cap’s left off for three months, and it’s designed to withstand blunt force from heavy-handed youngsters. The cap is ventilated as well for extra safety.

Product Features

  • Washable ink
  • Vivid colours
  • Extra large tip
  • Ventilated cap
  • Does not dry out

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2 Responses to BiC KiDS Visa Couleur XL ‘Special for School’ Class Pack (96 Pieces)

  1. Helen says:

    Super Would definitely recommend these felt tip pens. They are nice and thick so easy for little hands to hold. They really don’t dry out if the lid gets left off. Have just put the lids on after being left off overnight and they work as good as new. They are definitely washable – have been delighted by this on a number of occasions. I bought them for my 2 and a half year old daughter. At this age little ones often can’t press hard enough to make much of a mark with crayons. These are ideal to help…